6-Band 2.0 270 Watt Bloom Pro LED Grow Light


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Part of the HTG Supply 2.0 LED Series, the highly customized BLOOM PRO spectrum utilizes a majority of red wavelengths reinforced with additional bands needed to improve flowering and blooms. This high-powered grow light utilizes a blend of single-core 3-watt and dual-core 6-watt LED diodes to deliver a high output of light to flowering plants. Perfect for supplementing HPS and other conventional light sources, BLOOM PRO creates strong healthy flowers, enhanced flavor and aroma, and tighter internodal spacing.

  • Features 6-watt dual-core and 3-watt high-output diodes - 270 watts total
  • Primary and supplemental lighting for the flowering phase
  • Includes light, 6' power cord, and wire hanging kit
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6-Band 2.0 270 Watt Bloom Pro LED Grow Light

HTG Supply 6-band 2.0 series booster LEDs combine the latest grow light LED technology with innovative engineering to deliver industry-leading performance and value. Available in two specialized spectral blends, VEG PRO & BLOOM PRO, HTG booster LED grow lights provide supercharged supplemental lighting for their respective growth phases and optimized output for more contemporary lighting strategies. The HTG 2.0 platform utilizes powerful 6-watt dual-core and 3-watt high-output diodes with a design centered on thermal management to unlock their full potential. Each LED module is independently cooled and perfectly calibrated to drive LED at maximum efficiency. Reloaded 6-band VEG & BLOOM spectrums have expanded the highly popular original booster formulas to further fuel growth phase potential.

BRIGHTER / HIGHER OUTPUT – Thermal management, or controlling heat within the system, is key to LED performance. Higher-quality heat sinks paired with high-efficiency cooling fans keep 2.0 LED grow lights running cooler for brighter output and a longer lifespan.

WIDER SPECTRUM / POWERFUL CHIPS – A combination of single-core 3-watt and dual-core 6-watt LED chips for superior output and performance. Utilizing 660nm/660nm/460nm/430nm/Harvest White/IR LED bands this fixture targets key wavelengths used by plants during the flowering stage making them an excellent primary light source for final blooming applications as well as supplementing high-pressure sodium lights.

LED EFFICIENCY – The 6 Band 2.0 LED Grow Light provides amazing results while using less energy and producing less heat than fluorescent grow light fixtures or High-Intensity Discharge (HID) systems including MH grow lights, which creates a much more efficient and manageable indoor garden.

Suggested Uses:

  • Primary flowering growth light source for any plants
  • Supplemental lighting to increase bloom results
  • Supplemental lighting for high-pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights

Specs & Features:

  • HTG 2.0 modular LED platform
  • Combination high-efficiency/output 3w & dual-core 6w select-bin chips
  • Advanced spectral formula: 660nm, 630nm, 460nm, 430nm, Harvest White, & IR LED bands
  • 6′ grounded power cord
  • Wire hanging kit included
  • Replaceable parts

14-Day Product Guarantee. All sales final.


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