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The super-powerful 6-Band LED veg/clone grow light utilizes (80) Three-Watt LED Chips, equating to 240 watts of growing power! This is more power for increased plant growth. With this much power, the 240-Watt Veg/Clone light can grow great plants from start to finish, but it is specifically built for the vegetative cycle of plant growth and cloning. This unit concentrates its power in the 430nm & 460nm wavelengths to produce explosive vegetative growth!

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HTG Supply 240w Veg & Clone LED Grow Light

WIDER SPECTRUM – In addition to the 430nm and 460nm wavelengths, the 240-Watt LED Veg/Clone Light incorporates four more PRECISE BANDS that drive your plants to grow to their full potential:

  • 660nm Deep Red for Chlorophyll A
  • 630nm Bright Red for Chlorophyll B
  • 10,000 Kelvin White/Blue to fill out the complete spectrum needed for proper plant growth
  • 390 nm UV Light
  • Low Profile: 16″ long x 8.5″ wide x 2.5″ thck

BETTER THAN THE REST – The single-chip, three-watt LED emitters used in the 6-BAND veg/clone LED offer unsurpassed light intensity compared to similar fixtures. This is one SUPER-BRIGHT LED GROW LIGHT! Beware of other lights with 1-watt LED chips, as they do not possess the light intensity needed for vigorous plant growth and hardy plant development.

Product is covered by a 14-day money back guarantee
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