6 Inch Duct Wye Fitting



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The Wye Duct Fitting is an incredibly useful tool for all growers who prefer indoor systems. The Wye Duct Fitting is designed to split the duct into two, allowing for doubled airflow by using only one fan. Because the Wye Duct Fitting has a split, you can more effectively target your plants.

  • 6 inch wye duct fitting
  • Splits duct in two
  • Allows for a wider range of airflow

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6 Inch Duct Wye Fitting

Sturdy galvanized construction. Allows convenient venting of multiple areas at the same time while using only one fan.

Use this Wye Branch to split one 6-inch duct to two 6-inch ducts. Sturdy 30-gauge sheet metal construction.

Weight 3 lbs

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