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Advanced Nutrients Golden Goddess




Golden Goddess by Advanced Nutrients is a natural mineral liquid that promotes healthy growth in plants. Golden Goddess can be sprayed on plants as a foliar spray or applied directly to the root-zone. Golden Goddess can be used by both organic growers and growers using a mineral-based fertilizer. Golden Goddess contains the active ingredient fulvic acid, which helps attracts minerals and nutrients to the plant.

  • Contains acids that attract minerals and nutrients to the plant
  • Can be used as a foliar spray or applied to root-zone
  • Promotes healthy growth

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Golden Goddess is the replacement for F-1
Golden Goddess takes advantage of new advances in manufactured fulvic acid product to the market that can be used by both organic growers and growers using mineral-based fertilizers. Golden Goddess is a natural mineral that supports healthy plant growth. One property of fulvic acid is its ability to attract minerals and nutrients and “carry” them into the plant. A single molecule of Fulvic Acid is capable of hosting 60 or more minerals directly into plant cells. It will also help those salt based minerals into a more organic usable product.

Humic and Fulvic Acids are richly nutritious substances mined from veins of dark organic material deep in the earth. For more than 80 years Golden Goddess’s family has used their Extra Pure Humic Acid recipe to grow award-winning flowers and vegetables.

Golden Goddess can be applied as a root-zone application or sprayed on the plants as a foliar feed.

Active Ingredients
Fulvic Acid (derived from Leonardite)



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