Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit



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The official Advanced Nutrients Starter kit provides a full compliment of Advanced Nutrients’ most popular products. Built around the Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom base nutrients, the kit adds a bloom booster trio of Big Bud, Overdrive, and Bud Candy to drive plants to their full flowering potential. It also includes Voodoo Juice – one of the most popular beneficial biology products on the market, and B-52 – the essential B vitamin for supporting healthy growth and vigor. Known as the Top-Shelf recipe, this nutrient combination is proven to produce amazing results that any grower can achieve.


  • 1L Sensi Grow A, 1L Sensi Grow B, 1L Sensi Bloom A, 1L Sensi Bloom B
  • 500mL Big Bud, 500mL Bud Candy, 500mL Overdrive, 500mL Voodoo Juice, 500mL B52
  • Recipe chart, measuring cup, gloves, trichome magnifier, droppers, sticker pack, pen & note pad

In stock


Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow & Bloom Starter Kit

Each nutrient included in the Advanced Nutrients Starter kit targets a different phase of the plant life cycle to provide a full-spectrum feeding program for a lush green canopy of potent, sticky buds. Also included are six bonuses to help you get started with everything needed to run your Advanced Nutrients feeding program.

SENSI GROW A&B Feed your plants the exact nutrients they need for robust vegetation and prime them for a flourishing harvest.

SENSI BLOOM A&B: This two-part base nutrient system provides comprehensive nutrition for a bountiful bloom phase.

BUD CANDY: Promote explosive bursts of sugar-coated buds when you feed your plants Bud Candy, the industry’s leading horticultural carbohydrates formula.

BIG BUD: This legendary bloom booster provides customized ratios of phosphorus and potassium to unlock bigger yields.

OVERDRIVE®: Overdrive® is a late-season bloom booster engineered to reinvigorate flower late in the game for swelling buds packed with potency.

VOODOO JUICE: Bigger roots mean bigger fruits. Hand-selected microbes promote a robust root system, which is crucial for getting dense, resin-coated colas.

B-52: B-52 contains vitamin B1 and other ingredients that allow the plant to focus its energy on developing sturdy stalks and bigger buds.

Bonus Items:

  • Recipe Chart
  • Measuring Cups
  • Gloves
  • Trichome Magnifier
  • Droppers
  • Sticker Pack
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