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Advanced Nutrients VitaBoost Pro




VitaBoost Pro by Advanced Nutrients contains only the best B vitamins, magnesium, and calcium, among other top quality ingredients. VitaBoost Prois used to increase growth rates, yield size, and quality in plants. VitaBoost Pro gives your plants the boost they need and works wonders on their root-zones.

  • Contains top-quality vitamins
  • Plumps root-zone
  • Promotes a quality and size of yield

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What is VitaBoost Pro?

Vita Boost Pro is a scientifically designed to intensify and increase plant growth. Vita Boost Pro was originally created for commercial greenhouses and scientific plant laboratories. It spurs cell growth while diminishing problems which stress the plant. VitaBoost Pro enables the plant to advance and develop at a rate with larger size structure. A healthier plant system produces better root development, larger buds, fruit and flowers.


New Plants, Cuttings or seeds: use 10 mL per 4 Liters (2 tsp per gallon) of water. VitaBoost Pro should be applied to enhance seed germination and to accumulate cuttings.

Vegetables and Herbs: Use 10 mL per 4 Liters (2 tsp per gallon) of water.

Exotic Plants, Orchids and Cactus: Use 5 mL per 4 Liters (1 tsp per gallon) of water.

Flowers and Budding Plants: Use 5 mL per 4 Liters (1 tsp per gallon) of water. VitaBoost Pro will enhance yield when applied before blooming or in the early fruiting stage.

Use on a weekly basis by foliage feeding or watering.


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