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Wet Betty by Advanced Nutrients is an organic liquid nutrient used to promote vigorous growth and maximum yields. Because the formula encourages plants to absorb the nutrients faster, Wet Betty will give you the massive, quality yield you're aiming for.

  • Promotes growth and yield size
  • Helps plant absorb nutrients faster
  • 100% Organic

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Sufactants facilitate transport and absorption of nutrients so plants grow faster and produce bigger harvests. Wet Betty Organic is the world’s best organic non-ionic surfactant. Wet Betty’s exclusive 100% organic surfactants deliver nutrients, hormones and bio-catalytic agents directly to leaves and roots for immediate use by plants. Wet Betty Organic contains natural steroidal-triterpenoid saponins derived from Yucca and Quillaja. Saponins help plants resist stress, manufacture phytohormonces, and deliver larger harvest. Yucca and Quillaja extracts deter development of root knot nematodes and other harmful fungi. Wet Betty Organic includes aromatic terepenoids that contribute to sweeter taste and aroma. Wet Betty Organic is useful on leaves and in the root zone, where it helps roots better absorb moisture and nutrients. Field testing shows Wet Betty Organic performed better than any other surfactant. If you’re trying to get the BIGGEST HARVEST for every buck you spend on agricultural supplies, Wet Betty Organic is the slickest way to get more into (and out of) your plants.

Directions for use: Add 1-2 mL / Liter of Wet Betty Organic to your final spray solution. Apply to foliage just before the lights are turned off, then allow plants to dry while in harvest. Want the best harvest possible? Try Wet Betty Organic!


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