Age Old Organics Humic

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Age Old Organics Humic works as a complexing agent when formulated with trace elements. This helps unlock nutrients such as phosphorus and potash, making them more readily available to the plant, and improves uptake and availability of micronutrients. Humic will increase cation exchange at the root zone for better nutrient uptake. Foliar applications of Humic increase permeability of plant cellular membranes. Humic conditions the soil, helping to provide a friendly environment for soil microbes. It improves seed germination and root development, and acts as a buffering agent for soils.


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Drench applications are used to release nutrients that are in the soil but not readily available to the plant. It is also used to reclaim soils damaged by chemicals.

Unique Benefits

  • Increases the uptake and availability of nutrients
  • Provides a friendly environment for soil microbes
  • Improves seed germination & root development
  • Acts as a buffering agent for soils
  • Reduces the phytotoxic effects of harsh fertilizers & chemicals


Turf & Soil Applications: Apply 1 to 2 fluid ounces per 1000 sq. ft. Repeat applications every 14 days.

Foliar Applications with Trace Mineral Products: Apply 1 pint per acre with foliar sprays to improve membrane permeability of plant leaves and to improve nutrient uptake. This application will reduce the phytotoxic effect of harsh fertilizers and chemicals.

Sprayer Tank Mix: Apply 1 to 2 pints per acre with herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers in tank mix combinations for improved plant uptake and utilization.


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