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The AgroMax 600w HPS offers superior performance over generic HPS bulbs. A special formulation of gasses inside the glass boosts the blue end of the bulb’s spectral output, evening plants’ vegetative growth response. Built to grow from the ground up, the AgroMax 1000w HPS stands head and shoulders above the competition.

– High Output 95,000 lumens.
– Spectrally Enhanced: 30% more blue spectrum.
– Universal Position: Operates in any position including horizontal.

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This bulb is ideal for people using 600-watt HPS systems, offering an extremely high output of 95,000 lumens. Its spectrum is also made specifically for plant growth with an additional 30% more blue spectrum over standard HPS bulbs. More “blue” spectrum means the bulb has a more complete light spectrum equating into better vegetative plant growth. Grow with AgroMax brand grow bulbs!


– High Output 95,000 lumens
– Spectrally Enhanced: 30% more blue spectrum
– Universal Position: Operates in any position including horizontal
– One Year Warranty
-Power Specs: 600w, 5A @ 120v

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