AgroMax Digital LED Controller


The Digital LED Controller from AgroMax can control up to one hundred grow lights through a simple digital interface. Control your light cycle, light intensity, and program automatic dimming or shut-down with high-temperature settings.

Compatible with:
AgroMax AFS 1830

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AgroMax Digital LED Controller

Synchronize your lighting with the AgroMax digital LED controller. Connect up to 100 lights to control light cycle, brightness, and auto-dim/auto-shutoff temperature settings. Installation and setup are simple and all of the functions are controlled easily via remote.

Controller Functions:

Light Cycle: Sets the time your light sources are on and off
Sunrise/Sunset: Programs gradual brightening/dimming to mimic the natural sunrise and sunset
Dimming: Adjusts the light output of grow lights (if compatible) during the ON period
Automatic Dimming: Sets dimming to control light output based on a specific high temperature
Automatic Shutoff: Turns lighting off if the temperature exceeds a set limit

Controller includes:

  • controller unit
  • remote control
  • temperature probe
  • AC/DC power adapter 120v cord

Compatible With

  • AgroMax AFS 1830 LED Grow Light

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