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AgroMax Seed Starter Heat Mat 8.75 x 21 Inch
AgroMax Heat Mat 8.75 Inch x 21 Inch
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Start your plants off strong with the AgroMax Seed Heat Mat. Seeds in germination prefer warmer soil, and this seed heat mat is a simple way to provide the warmth seeds crave. With a waterproof design and insulated wiring, the AgroMax Seed Heat Mat can withstand years of water and use.  Built to fit a standard nursery flat, the AgroMax Seed Heat Mat will raise the ambient temperature of your root zone by approximately 20°F.

- Power Specs: 17w, 120v, 0.14A
- Dimensions: 8.75" x 21", sized perfectly for a standard nursery flat.
- Waterproof construction with insulated wiring for worry-free warmth.

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