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AgroMax Hi-F 1000w Double Ended HPS Grow Light
AgroMax Hi-F 1000w Double Ended HPS Grow Light

AgroMax Hi-F 1000w Double Ended HPS Grow Light Includes:

AgroMax High Frequency 1000W Digital Ballast - The latest in HID ballast technology with remote configuration (15' socket cord set) and high frequency capabilities. 

Choice of Double Ended Lamp - Choose HPS or MH, and save big when you add a bulb!

Choice of Reflector - Customize your Double Ended HPS package to fit your personal needs. Choose from a great lineup of reflector models all, at reduced package prices.

AgroMax High Frequency 1000w Digital Ballasts

While double ended lamps can be used with many ballasts, a high-frequency digital ballast is absolutely necessary in order to take full advantage of the benefits of DE lamps such as improved PAR output, higher intensity, and longer lifespan. The AgroMax high-frequency 1000w Digital Ballast, or Hi-F for short, is designed to run both HPS and MH DE lamps at up to 120kHz for maximum efficiency, whereas standard 1000w ballasts can only run around 20-30kHz. Hi-F ballasts also feature a number of intuitive features such as a digital monitoring system and dimmable adjustment making this kit one of the best double ended HPS grow light setups for any application.  

Ballast Features:⋅  Dimmable (100%, 75%, 60%)
⋅  Universal socket receptacle
⋅  Digital monitoring system with LED indicator
⋅  Soft start protection
⋅  End of lamp life protection
⋅  Short-circuit & open protection
⋅  Ignition failure protection
⋅  3-year warranty
⋅  UL listed for safety

Ballast Specs:120v @ 9.3A or 240v @ 4.6A
Operating Frequency = 100kHz-120kHz
THD <10%
Striking distance = 50'
Length = 10.63"
Width = 5.28"
Height = 3.47"
Weight = 3.31lb



  • Bulb Socket Type : Double Ended Socket
  • Brand : AgroMax
  • Ballast Type : Digital
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