AgroMax HyPAR 315w CMH Vertical Grow Light

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AgroMax HyPAR Vertical CMH 315 watt Grow Light Systems deliver all of the advantages of next-generation ceramic metal halide technology including superior spectral quality, high PPF, and reduced energy consumption. At the core of the system, the solid-state HyPAR square-wave digital 315-watt CMH lighting ballast drives horticultural 315 watt CMH bulbs to their full output potential. The Hypar CMH 315 system features an all-in-one, integrated system design for plug-and-play installation in any indoor growing application. Features: - The system includes hanger attachment hardware, power cord with standard (NEMA 5-15) grounded plug and your choice of CMH bulb. - 3'x3' vegetative footprint and 2.5'x2.5' flowering footprint. - Power Specs: 315w, 2.9A @ 120v, 1.43A @ 240v  

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HyPAR Vertical CMH 315 Watt Grow Light

The AgroMax HyPAR vertical CMH is one of the best fixture choices for a 3’x3’ indoor garden space. The square vertical reflector directs the light directly down to the canopy. Highly reflective 95% Vega Aluminum panels in the fixture prevent light trapping in the reflector. By ‘trapping’, we referring to light reflecting within the reflector more than 1 time before it is distributed downward. With a mirror-like finish and vertical lamp orientation, light takes a more direct route to the garden and trapping is minimized.

While efficiency is important, light spread is also a key factor to grow fixture efficiency. The HyPAR vertical CMH 315 watt grow light design provides an extremely even spread for 3’x3’ grow room areas – perfect for a grow tent!

AgroMax HyPAR 315 Watt CMH Ballast

Designed specifically for optimal operation of 315w ceramic metal halide bulbs, AgroMax HyPAR ballasts produce a more stabilized light output using digital square-wave technology, which also eliminates issues such as interruption of cell phone, cable or Wi-Fi signals caused by EMI.

•  315 Watts, multi-volt – (2.9A @ 120v) (1.43A @ 240v)
• Super-efficient, low-frequency square wave ballast technology
• UL listed
• THD – <15%
• Multi-aspect protection circuitry
• 3-year ballast warranty

AgroMax HyPAR 315 Watt CMH Bulb Compatibility

The HyPar vertical system features a PGZ18 socket, which allows it to be used with popular lamps including GrowBright, Solis Tek, Philips, and SunMaster 315w CMH models.




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