AgroMax 4 Foot T5 PureVeg +UV

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AgroMax Brand T5 Horticultural Lamps are the premier brand of High Output T5 Fluorescent bulbs on the market today! With almost 10 years in the marketplace, the AgroMax T5 Bulbs have earned a reputation for reliability, performance, and value that is unmatched by any other brand today. Made specifically for growing plants, the AgroMax T5 Bulbs are tailored for your plant's exact needs.

- F54T5HO lamp type, fits all 4ft T5-HO fixtures
- 54 watt power draw
- Pure PAR Veg + UV: Refined spectral output is engineered to maximize chlorophyll production with supplemental UV-B.


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AgroMax 4′ PureVeg +UV T5 Bulbs

The PureVeg +UV lamp by AgroMax is the only high output T5 grow lamp to combine the PAR lighting spectrum and enhance it with UV-B output! The PureVeg +UV was designed by using highly specialized phosphorescent coatings to pinpoint the exact lighting wavelengths in the PAR – or photosynthetically active radiation – spectrum and adding UV-B to enhance plant growth, increase essential oils and assist in the hardening off process. The unique characteristics of the PureVeg +UV grow bulb makes it one of the most advanced grow lamps on the market and is on the cutting edge of grow light technology.

Growing with UV

UV-B is a spectrum of Ultraviolet light wavelengths in the non-visible blue 290-320 nanometers sometimes referred to as the biological spectrum because of the effects it has on living things like plants and animals. Our skin may tan under UV-B lamps and plants will build up defenses against it. UV-B is abundant in natural sunlight but absent from traditional grow light sources.

UV-B can be used to increase resin and oil production in some plants and is also very useful in hardening off plants before they are going to be placed outside in the sunlight. Hardening off is the process of adapting a plant to UV-B light and is traditionally done by placing the plant in increasing amounts of sunlight until it is ready to defend against UV-B. This process takes several days normally. Plants grown under the Pure Veg +UV are preconditioned to UV-B or “hardened off “so as they can be planted outside with little to no fear of UV-B stress/damage from natural sunlight. This is very important and useful for growers starting plants inside under lights and moving them outdoors.

Please note that UV-B is a very valuable tool used by smart growers. When utilizing UV-B light is it important to use caution and protect yourself by wearing UV protective eyewear, covering skin and limiting your exposure.

AgroMax 4′ Pure Veg + UV-A Technical Information:

  • Fits all 4 ft. High Output T5 Fixtures
  • F54T5HO Lamp Type
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Actual Bulb Length is 45-3/4″. Bulbs will not fit T8 or T12 Fluorescent Fixtures
  • 54 watts
  • LAMP TYPE: Pure PAR Veg + UV-A



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