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Ancient Forest by General Organics is a 100% organic soil amendment that is packed full of natural, beneficial elements to support optimal nutrition and growth. Ancient Forest uses humus from Alaska that contains over 40,000 species of bacteria and fungi organically composted. Ancient Forest is ideal for soil growing from seed-starting to harvest.

  • 100% organic soil amendment
  • Packed full of beneficial elements and minerals

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100% organic Alaska humus

Since the last ice age, forests have been growing and decomposing in the Arctic, leaving behind accumulations of rich, natural humus. Ancient Forest is composed entirely of this material with no fillers or additives, and produced through a natural composting process that retains all the beneficial elements of this unique resource.

Full Spectrum

With Ancient Forest, your plants receive a robust spectrum of natural materials that have accumulated over thousands of years of growth and natural composting. That gives you benefits from seed-starting through foliage development and harvest.

More than 35,000 species of bacteria and 5,000-plus species of fungi can be found in this soil amendment, composed completely of pure forest humus that is derived from thousands of years of naturally decomposed forest litter. Ideal for gardening and potting soils, it can also aid in the retention of water and nutrients, and is an ideal inoculum for actively aerated compost teas.


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