AzaSol Azadirachtin Powder

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AzaSol is an organic Azadirachtin (neem-based) insecticide product designed to eliminate a wide range of garden pests. It is non-oil based so it will instantly dissolve in water to give a solution that is ready for spray applications for pest control. When used as directed, AzaSol will destroy targeted insect larvae when they, (1) eat sprayed plants, or (2) come in contact with the spray. AzaSol eliminates insects by stopping the insect’s growth, and is effective on all insects listed, insect larval stages, and pupae.    

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AzaSol Azadirachtin Powder

AzaSol is a water-soluble 6% Azadirachtin powder insecticide and insect growth regulator, from the Neem tree. Through its patented production process, AzaSol provides an exceptionally potent, non-oil-based, and environmentally friendly insect control solution for trees, shrubs, turf, garden, vegetables, fruit trees, and herbs. Can be used as a spray, soil drench, tree injection, or through chemigation.

  • No oily residue or clogging of equipment
  • Won’t burn leaves or block photosynthesis
  • Systemic & translaminar (Absorbed through leaves)
  • Same day harvest

Effective Treatment for:

Whiteflies, Leafminers, Scale, Mealybugs, Thrips, Aphids, Psyllids, Bugs, Flies, Sawflies, Caterpillars, Beetles, Weevils, Borers, Mole Crickets, Mushrooms Flies and Pests of Turf Grass.


Active Ingredient: Azadirachtin: 6.0%
Other Ingredients: 94.0%
Total: 100.0%



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Pest Control


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