Botanicare Clone Machine 25-Site


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The Botanicare Clone Machine 25 is the ultimate compact cloning system on the market. In 3-10 days the Clone Machine turns up to 25 cuttings into healthy clones ready to be transported into a growing substrate of your choice. This 25-site system comes with everything you need to clone including a high-output pump with microjets, 25 neoprene collars, Botanicare's highly-effective rooting solution, and compost solution that aids in transport shock.  

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Botanicare Clone Machine 25-Site

THE COMPACT CLONING MACHINE – Perfect for cloning and rooting 25 healthy cuttings in a small area

How it works:

Simply add Power Clone Rooting Solution and water to reservoir. Place cuttings in neoprene collars. A high-output pump mists the cuttings with water and rooting solution. Operate the machine for 24-hour periods until roots appear (3-10 days). Transplant your new clone into any grow substrate.


  • Ideal for cloning up to 25 of your favorite herbs or vegetables
  • Provides an effective and automated method to deliver optimal levels of water, nutrients, and oxygen for rapid growth rates.
  • Simple maintenance

Clone Machine 25-Site Includes:

  • High-output pump and microjets
  • 25 neoprene collars
  • Power Clone Rooting Solution
  • AquaShield Liquid Compost Solution


Weight 7.4 lbs
Dimensions 13.4 × 13.2 × 12.6 in

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Propagation Supplies


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