Botanicare Clone Spinner



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The Botanicare 360-degree Clone Spinner is a replacement piece used in the brand’s Daisy Cloner system. The Clone Spinner helps to keep your clones hydrated during one of the most fragile stages of the growing cycle. The Clone Spinner saturates 360 degrees to ensure effective hydration.

  • 360 Spinning clone hydrator
  • Replacement piece
  • Designed to be used with the Daisy Clone system

Out of stock


Hydrate your clones!

With the Daisy Cloner by Botanicare, you know you’re getting a quality set up for your treasured clones already. But what if something happens to the Clone Spinner? Don’t risk your clones not getting their required hydration during their fragile stage of growth; get your Clone Spinner replacement today and skip any potential hassle!

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