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Botanicare CNS17 Grow




CNS17 Grow by Botanicare is a liquid nutrient designed specifically for use during the vegetative stage of growth. CNS17 Grow is used to provide plants with potassium and nitrogen. CNS17 Grow is a two-in-one micro and macronutrient that increases root development and plant growth.

  • Provides plants with essential components
  • Used during the vegetative stage
  • Can be used in a variety of growing systems

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Originally developed as a professional grade nutrient by renowned scientist Dr. Lynette Morgan, CNS17 is the result of an innovative process that allows us to produce a one part nutrient with the correct ratio of all the required mineral ions.


No other product offers such a complete range of elements in a single bottle while priced at less than half most major competitors. CNS17 is a high yielding, economical nutrient that provides everything plants need in one-part grow, bloom, and ripening formulas.


CNS17 Grow is highly concentrated and cost effective while still providing elevated levels of essential elements proven critical to optimize plant growth. The proper ratio of nitrogen to potassium supports increased root development and sturdier vegetative growth to build the foundation for bigger, vigorous plants. CNS17 is made using a proprietary fertilizer production technology which allows it to contain sufficient levels of micro and macronutrients in a single bottle, while remaining stable in a highly concentrated suspension.

CNS17 Grow- N 3.0%, P 1.0%, K 2.0%, Ca 3.0%, Mg 0.5%, Mn 0.005%


Can be used with Pure Blend Tea, Liquid Karma, Sweet, Rhizo Blast, Silica Blast, soil, coco, or hydro.

Use CNS17 Grow depending on the plant stage of growth. Application rates are recommended on product label, feed sheets and /or nutrient calculator and range from 0-25 ml per gallon depending on the stage of growth. If growing in nutrient fortified potting soil or using supplements, reduce application rate by 25%. Use with Botanicare’s Pure Blend Tea for even better result.



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