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Bubble Boy Four Banger DWC
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Bubble Boy Four Banger DWC

Bubble Boy systems are a practical and affordable way to start growing plants hydroponically. The Bubble Boy Four Banger Hydroponic System is a professional 4 site hydroponic plant growing set up. Simple and easy to use, the Bubble Boy Four Banger will have you growing top quality hydroponic plants in no time.

All Bubble Boy systems utilize the Deep Water Culture (DWC) type of hydroponic plant growing method. DWC hydroponics provides plants with highly oxygenated and nutrient enriched water directly to the root zone increasing plant growth and speeding plant development. Your plants will grow faster and larger in the Bubble Boy Hydroponic system when compared with soil grown plants.

Comes complete with easy to use instructions and Hydro Tips to ensure a positive hydroponic experience. So try the Bubble Boy Four Banger today and your plants will thank you tomorrow with increased growth and higher yields!

Bubble Boy Four Banger includes:

  • 3.5 gallon Black Bucket Reservoir
  • Four Site Bucket Lid
  • Four 3" Net Pots
  • Four 3" Net Pot Lids
  • Easy to Use Instructions and Hydro Tips
  • One Dual Outlet Air Pump
  • 4 Feet of ¼" Tubing, color may vary
  • 4" OxyStone
  • ¼" barb connector
  • Hydrostone Grow Medium
  • Four Starter plugs to start new plants or cuttings.
  • Brand : HTG Supply
  • Hydroponic System Type : Deep Water Culture
Bubble Boy Hydroponic / Bubbleponics DWC System
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          5 of 5 stars Bubble Boy Hydro

I just bought this I'm just looking for some more information and can't get any on this site...

By:Anne March 06,2017