BurpLids Extractor Pump



The BurpLids Extractor Pump is used to extract air from a mason jar sealed with BurpLid. The section end of the pump fits snugly over the center ring of the BurpLid. Once secured, just pump the handle to pull out the old air. After pumping, remove the pump to finish burping the jar.  

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BurpLids Extractor Pump

Use the Burplids Extractor Pump with BupLids! Let’s face it, burping can be a painstaking process. It usually involves a LOT of jars and each one of them has to be screwed and unscrewed manually. And this has to be done every single day for however long it takes to achieve that perfect cure. Yes, we all know that burping a kind of necessary evil, but is doesn’t have to be the pain in the “bud” it normally is. With BurpLids, it becomes an easy 3-step process to burp your buds! No more of that painstaking procedure of opening, waiting and closing your jars individually the old-fashioned way.

• For use with BurpLids brand lids
• Lids sold separately


Weight .225 lbs

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