CAN Filter Lite 4


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The Can-Lite Active Filter provides convenient and long-lasting filtration for all your ventilation needs. Made with 100% virgin activated carbon, this filter is light and easy to install and helps to remove VOCs, odors, and other contaminants. Assembled in the USA.

  • Built in flange
  • Weight saving aluminum top and bottom
  • Pre-filter included.
  • Size: 4" x 15" 250 CFM

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Can-Lite Active Filter 4

Can-Filter® has designed and built the Can-Lite™ for convenience and long life. 100% Australian Granulated carbon, aluminum top and bottom, integrated flange and 51% open perforation are features of the Can-Lite™ filter.  Can-Lite™ is manufactured in a dedicated carbon filter plant in North America. Each filter is shrink wrapped, boxed and labeled for ease of use.


  • 51% Perforated open area for maximum air flow.
  • 10% More virgin activated Australian RC Light Weight Granular Carbon.
  • Up to 2.5 years life expectancy.
  • 2″ Bed depth of pure, virgin activated Australian RC Light Weight Granular Carbon.

Filter Applications:

  • VOC Removal
  • Pollution Control
  • Paint Booth
  • Greenhouses
  • Manufacturing
  • And many other uses.


Weight 13.41 lbs
Dimensions 9.56 × 9.56 × 17.75 in

Product Category

Air – Water – CO2

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