CANNA Cannazym – 250 mL



  • 250 mL (0-2-1)
  • Converts harmful pathogens to plant fuel
  • Promotes healthy roots
  • Feeds minerals and sugars to the roots

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CANNA Cannazym Enzyme Additive

CANNAZYM is a high-quality enzyme product that speeds up the process of breaking down dead root material and activates beneficial microorganisms. CANNAZYM also helps plants take up nutrients and increases their resistance to diseases. Enzymes are substances that speed up the reactions in living organisms. For example, enzymes play a vital role in our digestion.

The System:

In a root system that functions well, roots die and new roots are formed. The remains of roots that died form an ideal growing substrate for pathogenic organisms. After the pathogenic molds have multiplied in the dead root material, they are a threat to the healthy roots. These are easily affected and will lose an important part of their function. This causes stress to the entire plant and stunts any new growth.

The Enzymes in CANNAZYM Have Many Benefits:

  • They turn dead roots into minerals and sugars. This is important because these minerals and sugars make up a valuable source of nutrients for the plant and micro-life. It improves the uptake of nutrients and the plant’s defense system. Also, vitamins stimulate the production of hormones.
  • They help form new roots. The easy-to-absorb vitamins in CANNAZYM also stimulate the plant to form new roots. This increases the health of the plant.
  • Prevents bacteria and harmful mold. Dead roots form an ideal environment for molds. They are a threat to healthy roots. The molds cause stress to the entire plant and stunt any new growth. Also, CANNAZYM prevents rotting, so there is no formation of toxic substances, and the risk of a disease is considerably reduced.
  • Improves the soil environment. A fast breakdown of root remains creates a balanced hydrological regime and good aeration in the root environment.

CANNAZYM is indispensable if you are going to reuse substrates for growing. The root remains will be rapidly broken down and transformed into advantageous nutrients; infections will be prevented and the air/water relation in the root environment will be improved. You can use CANNAZYM during the whole growth cycle.

How To Use:

Nutrient and enzyme preparation for aiding in the breaking down of cellulose. CANNAZYM helps break down dead root material.

  • Shake the bottle well before use
  • Dosage: 0.3 fl oz/gal (25 ml/10L)
  • Minimal once a week, preferably continuously
  • Older (untreated) slabs; double the dose for 1 month
  • When reusing the medium; double the dose for 1-2 weeks
  • Do not prepare the solution for more than ten days in advance
  • Do not use together with products containing hydrogen peroxide


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