Cannabis Grower’s Handbook



The complete guide to marijuana and hemp cultivation, the Cannabis Grower's Handbook is a start to finish comprehensive guide on growing for all experience levels. Starting with an overview on the cannabis plant, this guide chronologically explains the cultivation process from key factors, to setting up the garden, the plant life cycle, to finally the harvesting and processing all tabbed for easy access.

  • Author: Ed Rosenthal, Dr. Robert Flannery, Angela Bacca
  • Print Length: 688 Pages
  • ISBN-10:1936807548 ISBN-13:978-1936807543

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Cannabis Grower’s Handbook by Ed Rosenthal, Dr. Robert Flannery, and Angela Bacca

The Complete Guide to Marijuana & Hemp Cultivation

Ed Rosenthal has assembled a team of botanists, industry professionals, and scientists who together have revolutionized our knowledge of the cannabis plant. This book ushers in a new era in cannabis cultivation, a time when solid scientific evidence replaces anecdotal advice.

This handbook covers:

  • Choosing the right varieties
  • Soil and hydroponics
  • The newest lighting technologies
  • Enhancing cannabinoid and terpene production
  • Comprehensive integrated pest management
  • Dozens of specialized garden setups
  • Permaculture and regenerative farming
  • Advanced drying and curing methods

CANNABIS GROWER’S HANDBOOK will guide hobby growers and experienced industry veterans alike, and will change the way people grow for years to come.



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