CVault Twist Containers

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CVault Twist containers are the perfect “on the go” CVault for personal storage. CVault “twist” design features include new 3-nub locking system and redesigned pack holder. Portable, sleek and built for adventure. Features:

  • Constructed of food-grade stainless steel with a silicone gasket seal
  • Favored by indoor growers with high-value crops to ensure proper humidity is maintained and contents stay flavorful and aromatic.

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CVault Boveda Humidor Containers

The CVault stainless steel container combined with Boveda / Humidipak technology creates the perfect humidity-controlled curing and storage container for high-value dried goods. Each CVault Boveda humidor comes with a 62% RH Boveda pack and features a twist-top lid with a gasket-seal to ensure your goods remain at peak freshness. Preserve flavors and aromas until you’re ready to enjoy with CVault humidity controlled containers!

Individual Size Information: 

CVault XSmall Twist

•  Measures:  3.35″ x 1.26″ / 8.5 CM x 3.2 CM
  Capacity:  7 grams / .180 liters
•  Humidipack:  (1) 8-gram Boveda Pack

CVault Small Twist

•  Measures:  3.35″ x 1.77″ / 8.5 CM x 4.5 CM
  Capacity:  14 grams / .35 liters
•  Humidipack:  (1) 8-gram Boveda pack



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