CX Horticulture Tanlin Drops – 20 milliliter


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CX Horticulture's Tanlin Drops is a highly effective solution to treating fungus gnats infestations. When applied, the fungus gnat maggots feed on the microscopic crystal formula, then the formula swells up in their gut and perforates the gut wall, killing the maggots. A little goes a long way with this solution, 1 ml (40 drops) of the solution makes up to 100 liters of water. Designed to use for consumable crops and is plant, people, and pet safe.

  • Treats Fungus Gnats
  • Size: 20 ml

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CX Horticulture Tanlin Drops – 20 milliliter

T-Drops are a highly effective solution for every gardener growing any type of plant in any type of system.

  • Extremely concentrated – 1 ml makes 100 liters. One 20 ml bottle makes 2000 liters.
  • Safe to use with any nutrient regimen.
  • Will not affect beneficial microorganisms.
  • Non-toxic and completely inert; does not interact with the plant in any way.
  • T Drops, like all other CX Horticulture products, are designed specifically for consumable crops.
  • T Drops are plant, pet, and people safe.


As maintenance, add T Drops to your regular feed once a week at 1 ml (40 drops) per 100 L (25 gal). For more intensive use, treat with T Drops every three days in the following methods:

  • Soil/Coco: Mix 2 drops per 4 L (1 gal) of water. Thoroughly drench growing medium.
  • Recirculating: Add to your nutrient tank at 1 ml (40 drops) of T Drops per 100 L (25 gal). If your medium is not completely saturated by your watering system, thoroughly saturate your medium by hand watering. Ensure T Drops is mixed evenly throughout your medium.

Additional Tips:

  • Even saturation greatly increases the effectiveness of T Drops.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide will greatly reduce the effectiveness of T Drops.
  • You cannot overfeed with T Drops and can use them through flush. There are no after-taste effects.
  • Must be stored between 37 F and 72 F (2 C – 22 C). Refrigerate if necessary. Do not freeze.


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