Digital Greenhouse 1000w DE W/ GB 2100K HPS



The Digital Greenhouse 1000w DE grow light delivers high-performance lighting for any indoor growing application. Featuring an integrated ballast and reflector, the DG 1000w DE grow light installs easily and can be surface mounted or hung using the built-in hanging bracket and hardware. Optimal operation of HPS and MH double ended bulbs, along with dimmable function (600w, 750w, 1000w, or 1100w) provide flexibility to accommodate varying growth phase and environmental needs. Each Digital Greenhouse 1000w DE grow light comes ready to grow, complete with the DG high-frequency DE ballast, integrated DE reflector, and specialty horticultural double ended bulb. Browse our full selection of double ended HPS & MH systems for more great deals on the latest technology including a great selection of DE reflectors, DE bulbs, and complete DE systems! • Includes GrowBright 1000w HPS Double Ended Bulb  

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Digital Greenhouse DE Grow Light System

Featuring advanced Ultra-High Frequency ballast technology and a super-reflective 4-sided reflector hood, the Digital Greenhouse 1000 watt DE fixture operates all standard 1000 watt double ended lamps at peak efficiency for maximum growth. Plug and play design that can be hung or surface mounted allows quick setup whether you’re installing in a grow tent or a large commercial space.

Take advantage of all of the benefits of DE lighting with the Digital Greenhouse 1000w DE system such as improved PAR output and higher yield per watt, and boost your harvests with the Digital Greenhouse all-in-one 1000 watt DE fixture! Also equipped with onboard dimming capabilities, the system allows you to operate at settings of 600 watts and 750 watts, 1000 watts (normal), and 1150 watts super-charged output. Heavy-duty construction, top-quality components and premium features combine to provide commercial performance with in-home usability!

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DG 1000w DE Grow Light Features

•  120-240 volt input power range
•  Quiet operation, optimal performance
•  Uniform light footprint with high PAR values
•  Dimmable 600/750/1000/1150 settings
•  Internal RF shielding
•  ETL Listed for Safety and Reliability

Electrical Specifications

•  For use with 1000 watt DE lamps only
•  120-240v 50/60Hz
•  1125 watts (Max, 110% setting)
•  9.87A @120v, 4.93A @ 240v
•  PF ≥ 0.98
•  THD ≤ 10%

GrowBright Bulb Specifications

  • For use with 1000w double-ended HPS grow light systems
  • Output: 150,000 lumens
  • Spectrum:  2100K enhanced PAR
  • Increased beneficial UV & IR wavelengths
  • Quartz glass jacket
  • 1-year warranty


Weight 20 lbs

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