Digital Greenhouse 600 Watt Grow Light

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Our 600 Watt grow light system is designed for HID bulbs. The sophisticated ballast design allows for easy switching between HPS and MH grow bulbs, allowing you to give your plants the right light spectrums for both vegetative growth and flowering, without the need for additional equipment. 600 Watt Grow Light Base system includes:

  • 600w Digital Greenhouse Ballast
  • 10' Grounded Power Cord
  • LightWing Reflector
  • HTGSupply 600 watt HPS High Output Horticultural bulb
  • 15' Mogul Socket / Cord Set

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This 600 Watt Grow Light Includes A Premium Digital Greenhouse Ballast

Lighter, smaller, and more versatile than standard “core and coil” ballasts, Digital Greenhouse ballasts feature “smart chip” detection to automatically adjust to voltage supply as well as bulb type. Easily use on different circuits or switch between high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs with no switches or extra system needed. Built-in patented “soft-start” technology increases lamp life and stops voltage spikes for improved efficiency and extended lamp life.

Operate 600 Watt HPS and MH Bulbs From One Convenient System

With the included premium digital ballast by Digital Greenhouse, you’ll be able to operate both MH and HPS grow bulbs.

Digital Greenhouse 600w Digital Ballast – This 600 watt grow light comes with the best selling 600w ballast in the nation with solid-state digital circuitry, multi-lamp type / multi-volt capabilities, and UL certification for safe and reliable performance.

Choice of Bulb – Choose HPS or MH, and take advantage of big savings when you add a second bulb!

Choice of Reflector – Customize your kit to fit your personal needs. Choose from a great lineup of reflector & air-cooling hood models, all at reduced package prices!

Suggested coverage:4′ x 4′ – 7′ x 7′ area

Electrical: 600w – 5 amps @ 120v
Operates both HPS & MH bulbs
Multi-volt – operates on 120v or 240v power supply
Soft-Start technology for longer lamp life
Cool running & quiet
Reduced power consumption vs. magnetic
UL Listed
5-year warranty

Digital Greenhouse 600 Watt Grow Light System Warranty Info:

As of January 1st, 2010 the warranty coverage for this 600 watt grow light system is 5 years (3 full, 2 pro-rated) on the digital ballast and 1 year for the bulb. We stand behind our products 100% and will personally take care of any warranty issues you may have.



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