Digital Greenhouse HS-1000 LED Grow Light


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The HS Series from Digital Greenhouse utilizes high-performance SMD chips for a full spectrum experience. The 150w full spectrum LED grow light supplies plants with a blend of 3000K and 5000K Samsung LM301B LEDs supplemented by deep red, far red, and UV chips. This provides a balanced PAR output for full-cycle growth and boosted flowering production. Each fixture is constructed using high-quality brand-name components and built to provide years of use in the indoor garden environment.

  • Power draw – 150 watts | 1.25a @ 120v | .625a @ 240v
  • Dual Full Spectrum – Samsung LM301B 3000K, 5000K chips, and supplemental chips
  • PPFD: 454.9 µmol @ 18" avg.
  • Footprints – 4’x4’ Veg, 3’x3’ Flower

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Digital Greenhouse HS-1000 LED Grow Light

Grow your own amazing plants with the Digital Greenhouse HS-1000. This light produces an impressive 454.9 µmol average at 18″ above* using a precision blend of LEDs and only 150 watts. With its powerful output and finely tuned spectral blend, the HS-1000 is an ideal lighting solution for covering up to 4’x4′ of vegetative growth area or up to 3’x3′ of flowering growth area. In addition to its dual full-spectrum and powerful Samsung SMD LED chips, the HS design features an integrated hammered aluminum reflector that directs more light toward plants for increased canopy penetration.

All HS-1000 LED grow light components have been selected to provide the absolute best performance, reliability, and value compared to similar fixtures. . The system comes fully assembled and ready for plug-and-play installation in your grow room or grow tent. Each unit includes – a fixture with an integrated aluminum reflector, hanging hardware, and a system information sheet to get you up and growing right away. Equip your garden with the HS-1000 for powerful efficient lighting that will produce excellent results!

*Tested in 4×4 grow tent @ 18″ above

Powered by Samsung® SMD LEDs

Digital Greenhouse HS series LEDs are built with LM301B LED Chips made by Samsung, a world leader in LED technology. This incredible surface-mount diode (SMD) chips from Samsung offer a clear advantage in quality of construction and performance vs. generic LED’s used in similarly designed fixtures. Samsung’s strict manufacturing standards ensure the LED chips used in your fixture will provide consistent light quality and long-lasting performance for your plants.

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  • Dual Full Spectrum – Samsung LM301B 3000K, 5000K chips
  • 660nm, 730nm, and 390nm supplemental chips
  • cUL approved SS-150VA-56B drivers
  • Enhanced full-spectrum for full-cycle growing
  • Integrated four-sided reflector
  • Conformal coating to protect the system from dust/moisture
  • Multi-volt driver operates on 110-240v power


  • Measures: 14.2″ x 13.2″ x 2.4″
  • Power Draw: 150 watts
  • Input Voltage: 120-277v multi-volt
  • Input Current (amps): 1.25a (120v) | .625a (240v)
  • PPFD: 454.9 µmol @ 18″ avg.
  • Chip Count: 342 Diodes
    • Full-Spectrum 3000K – 80 pcs.
    • Full-Spectrum 5000K – 80 pcs.
    • 660nm Horticultural Red – 9 pcs.
    • 730nm Far Red – 1 pc.
    • 390nm UV – 1 pc.
  • 50,000+ hour lifespan

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