Dry Bar Cave Bat Guano 0-10-0




0 – 10 – 0

Vintage phosphorus material designed by nature as a plant food. Dry-Bar Cave Bat Guano contains the necessary nutrients for promoting root and bud development. Recommended for all outdoor fruits, flowers, and vegetables.


Recommended for all outdoor flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Apply with soil before growth and once during early growth.

Use one teaspoon per 8″ diameter container.

For gardens, one to two pounds will cover 100 square feet.

For liquid plant food, mix one cup per gallon of distilled water and allow to steep for 24 hours. Use as needed for growth.

N-P-K: 0-10-0

Derived from bat guano.

Note: Avoid inhalation, ingestion, and eye contact with dust. Use of respiratory and eye protection is recommended.



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