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Dyna-Gro Root Gel




Give your cuttings a strong start with Dyna-Gro Root-Gel. Its patented combination of vitamins and hormones works to simultaneously protect and nourish cuttings while promoting vigorous root growth. Dyna-Gro rooting gel forms a protective seal around the treated area while new roots develop.

  • In tests conducted by a leading Hawaiian foliage propagator, cuttings propagated in Root-Gel rooted out and doubled in size while cuttings propagated with a leading powder were still forming roots.
  • Dip or apply gel and place in rooting or growing medium. After the coated cutting is inserted into your growing medium, the Root-Gel spreads into the surrounding medium to serve as a temporary root system for the cutting.
  • It has been proven that Root-Gel interfaces between the plant and soil delivering water and minerals to the plant during the critical stage of callus formation. Root-Gel can also be diluted for use as an economical protective dip for shipping bare-root stock.

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From Dyna-Gro:

Root-Gel is a unique hormone gel formulated for the propagation of cuttings. It contains Indole-3-Butyric Acid (IBA) and 1-Napthaleneacetic Acid (NAA) in a water-soluble form, plus just the right amount of essential minerals to get cuttings off to a great start. Root-Gel applies quickly, easily, and thoroughly, surrounding the cutting with a viscous coating of protective nutrient gel.

Dyna-Gro Root-Gel MSDS

Application: Take a sterile spoon and scoop Root-Gel® onto a sterile dish, then dip cutting. If using the entire container, dip cutting into gel. Prepare a hole in the rooting medium and place cutting in hole to avoid rubbing Root-Gel® off cutting.

Indole-3-butyric acid (IBA)___ 0.216%
1-Napthaleneacetic acid (NAA)___ 0.027%
Other Ingredients___ 99.757%



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