Earth Juice META-K




Earth Juice® Meta-K™ (0-0-5) is a natural liquid potassium formulation. Use Meta-K to correct potassium deficiencies or when there is a need for additional potassium. Meta-K will help improve: drought resistance, nutrient assimilation and the plant’s ability to support higher yields. Especially recommended during budding, flowering, and fruiting. Use with Earth Juice Grow and Bloom or with a variety of other fertilizers. Earth Juice Meta-K may be used on indoor and outdoor plants, in soil or hydroponic systems.


A natural potassium-based formulation for maturing, fruiting, and flowering plants that require more potassium. Increase use prior to and during flowering/fruiting to improve the plant’s ability to support greater yields, to build heat and drought tolerances, and to maximize nutrient assimilation.


Apply with every watering

Early Growth: N/A

Veg Phase: 0.75 tsp per gallon of water

Bloom Phase: .025 tsp per gallon of water

Ripening: 1 tsp per gallon of water



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