Earth Juice Rootstock Cloning Solution

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Use all-natural Earth Juice® RootStock Liquid Concentrate (0.02-0-0.1) to clone soft-stem and semi-hard wood cuttings. Derived from soybean meal, kelp meal and sulfate of potash. Manufactured by Earth Juice, the industry leaders in organic hydroponic nutrients. For best results, use with RootStock Cutting Gel. N 0.02% – P 0.00% – K 0.10%  

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All-natural RootStock Liquid Concentrate (.02-0-.1) delivers nitrogen and potassium to cuttings to stimulate root growth and provide proper nutrition to fragile clones.


  • Add 3oz of RootStock per gallon of water.
  • Presoak medium with solution.
  • For best cloning results, choose cuttings with 3″-4″ of stem space for root growth.
  • Cut stem at a 45° angle and trim leaves back from cut area.
  • Immediately dip cut end into a cup of RootStock cloning solution – or, for best results, RootStock Cutting Gel.
  • Carefully insert cutting into medium.
  • Keep cuttings under humidity dome and 24-hr propagation lighting.
  • Mist cuttings daily with solution.
  • Keep medium at 72°F/22°C and moisten regularly with fresh RootStock solution for best results.

For hydroponic cloning systems

Use 1oz of RootStock Liquid Concentrate per gallon of water.

Store RootStock in original container, away from extreme hot or cold and out of direct sunlight.

For use on non-food crops only




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