Elite Nutrients Root Tonic C – Quart


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Elite Nutrients Root Tonic C is a soil conditioner that stimulates plant health and vigor primarily during the vegetative growth stage. Similar to how electrolytes fuel athletes, this densely-concentrated formula packs a heavy punch of potassium and phosphorous that promotes lateral growth and a strong root foundation at the vital stage of a plant's life. Nutrients are readily available in their most plant-friendly form for quick nutrient uptake and fast-acting results.

  • Guaranteed Analysis: 0-10-12
  • Free of hormones, perfumes, dyes, and growth regulators
  • Size: Quart

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Elite Nutrients Root Tonic C

Strong plants start at the roots! Elite Root Tonic may be used as a soil conditioner or directly to stimulate plant health and wellness during the vegetative stages of growth and throughout the plant’s lifecycle.

The Elite Difference:

  • Cost Effective: Extra-concentrated formula allows a little product to go a long way
  • Easy to Use: Simple 5-product lineup covers all your needs
  • Optimally Formulated: Nutrients are in their most plant-friendly form and blended at ratios to maintain an optimal pH, resulting in maximized uptake and quicker absorption
  • Long Lasting: Superior product stability means longer shelf life
  • All Natural: Free of hormones, perfumes, dyes, and growth regulators, including paclobutrazol and daminozide

How it works:

Elite Root Tonic C has been biochemically engineered to assist in the development of stronger, more vigorous plants. Similar to electrolyte drinks that keep athletes going strong, Elite Root Tonic C provides an optimized liquid concentrate that quenches a growing plant’s boundless thirst, creating lateral growth and a strong foundation. Packed with high levels of potassium and phosphorous, it meets the demands of growing plants.

Instructions: Use 2 ml-4 ml of solution per gallon of water during the Vegetation and Bloom cycle.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Available Phosphate (P2O5)……………………..10%

Soluble Potash (K2O)……………………………….12%

Derived From: Monopotassium Phosphate, Dipotassium Phosphate, Caustic Potash


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