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The Emerald Harvest Kick-Starter Kit with Cali Pro 2 Part Base comes with everything you need for a complete premium nutrient feeding regimen. Each kit includes the easy to use Cali Pro 2-part base nutrient bundle along with Emerald Harvest's top-selling supplements including: King Kola bloom booster, Emerald Goddess premium plant tonic, Honey Chome aroma and resin enricher, and Root Wizard root builder. Get them all at a great price with this complete kit!  

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Emerald Harvest Kick-Starter Kit – 2 Part Base

It can be tough to switch from one nutrient brand to another. With the Emerald Harvest® Kick-Starter Kit, you can try the complete line of premium EH nutrients with minimal risk to your garden or budget. Harness the full genetic potential of your valuable crops with Cali Pro Grow A & B and Cali Pro Bloom A & B —Emerald Harvest’s easy-to-use 2-part base nutrient series. With Cali Pro, you spend less time measuring and tweaking your feeding program and more time tending to your high-value crops. Our 2-part base nutrients are popular with growers who prefer to keep things simple. With Cali Pro, feeding your crops couldn’t be easier: just mix equal portions of parts A and B according to the application rates on the bottle or the feeding chart best suited to your strain.

Each Kit Includes (quart bottles):

• Cali Pro Grow A
• Cali Pro Grow B
• Cali Pro Bloom A
• Cali Pro Bloom B
• King Kola
• Emerald Goddess
• Honey Chome
• Root Wizard


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