EZ-Clone Propogator Pro 65pk


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A high-quality blend of coco and peat, the EZ-CLONE Propagator Pro is an eco-friendly soilless alternative to cloning collars.  This all-natural collar is excellent for plant cloning and seed sprouting as it provides plants with optimal drainage. The Propagator Pro collars are compostable which aids in reducing plant stress when transplanting to soil mediums.

  • High-porosity mix of coco and peat
  • Compostable and all-natural
  • 65 in a pack

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EZ‑CLONE Propagator Pro Cloning Collar (Compostable) – 65 Pack

Introducing our newest pride and joy, the EZ‑CLONE Propagator Pro. This eco-friendly soilless cloning and rooting collar are made of our propriety method of blending a high-porosity mix of coco and peat. It is COMPOSTABLE and all-natural. The Propagator Pro is excellent for both plant cloning and seed sprouting!

You can essentially root your plant, set it in the soil, and let nature takes its course in breaking down the collar giving the plant essential compost nutrients, and allowing the material to compost in the soil as the plant grows, which significantly reduces plant stress when transplanting.


Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 4 × 14 in

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Propagation Supplies


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