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AgroMax SOLO Far Red LED Light Bar




The AgroMax SOLO Far Red LED light bar is a powerful far red supplemental light intended for use in conjunction with primary light sources such as HPS systems or other LED grow lights. Utilizing highly specialized 730 nm SMD LED chips, AgroMax SOLO Far Red light bars produce a specifically targeted response that provides enhanced control of lighting cycle schedules for short-day plants. The slim 4′ light bar configuration with even light spread makes them ideal for use in larger grow tents or rooms and convenient for coverage mapping in large-scale growing applications. Each AgroMax SOLO light bar includes an individual power supply with cord and comes ready to use.

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AgroMax SOLO Far Red LED Light Bars

Gain enhanced control of plant development with AgroMax SOLO Far Red LED light bars. This powerful supplemental light delivers the same technology used to boost production by professional growers for an amazingly low price. Utilizing select bin 730nm SMD LED chips set in a 4′ premium aluminum housing, AgroMax SOLO far red light bars provide a passively cooled and water resistant design with powerful, uniform light distribution. Each AgroMax SOLO light bar includes an individual power supply with cord and comes ready to use.

Specs & Features:

• Power draw:  60 watts / 120v (.7 amps), 50-60 Hz
• Measures:  48″L x 1.5″W x 1″H
• Spectrum:  730nm / far red
• Chip type:  (46) high-output SMD LED chips
• Sealed water-resistant housing
• 50,000+ hr lifespan rating
• Includes power supply with 120v power cord
• 2-year warranty

Far Red LED Science – How it Works

It is well known that many plant varieties are subject to photoperiodism, which involves the triggering of a physiological reaction based on the length of night/dark periods; i.e., inducing flowering by switching to a 12/12 light cycle. Until recently, strict photoperiods or light cycles have been required in order to maintain proper growth & development. However, thanks to recent advancements in far red LED technology, some growers have been able to overcome these cycle restrictions while producing some truly amazing results. Several studies have concluded that the introduction of supplemental far red light can shorten the necessary night cycle length of flowering plants without disturbing flowering development. This creates the potential to either extend daylight hours for increasing growth and yields or to shorten dark/night cycles to reduce overall growth cycle timelines. Either strategy presents a huge opportunity for growers in terms of increased production.

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