GE 400 Watt Ceramic Metal Halide Bulb


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The ceramic light bulb has become increasingly popular in the indoor gardening industry thanks to its many benefits. Designed to operate with standard 400w magnetic ballasts and the common US mogul socket, the GE 400w ceramic light bulb provides a simple and affordable CMH retrofit solution for growers interested in ceramic metal halide. With an output closer to natural sunlight than traditional HID bulbs, the enhanced-spectrum 400-watt GE horticultural ceramic light bulb can be used for all growth phases for excellent growth and yields.

  • Mogul base design makes retrofitting existing HID sockets simple.
  • Universal burn position for maximum adaptability in the grow area.

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GE 400w CMH Ceramic Light Bulb

The GE 400w CMH ceramic light bulb is designed to operate on standard magnetic-core HPS ballasts for a simple and affordable CMH retrofit solution. Favored by many growers as a full cycle light source, the GE 400w ceramic light bulb combines the bright white spectrum of a horticultural MH lamp with the powerful red spectrum of the HPS lamp for outstanding growth and excellent yields. Growers who have tried it rave about the results!

GE 400 Watt CMH Bulb Data Sheet


•  For use with 400w magnetic HPS ballasts
•  41,000 lumens
•  CRI = 82 (color rendering)
•  Universal burn position (horizontal or vertical)
•  20,000 hour lifetime
•  3,000K color temperature horizontal position
•  3600K vertical position
•  1-year warranty


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