General Hydroponics Defguard

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General Hydroponics' Defguard is an organic, preventive biofungicide and bactericide that protects plants against a number of pathogens that can be dangerous to their health. Some of these pathogens include botrytis and powdery mildew. Defguard also helps to control bacterial leaf blights.

  • OMRI-listed biofungicide and bactericide
  • Prevents and protects against disease causing fungi and bacteria
  • Can be applied up to and including harvest

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure
What’s the key to ensuring fungal and bacterial pathogens don’t wipe out your plants and flowers? Being proactive.

The fact is, you can never totally eliminate disease-causing fungi and bacteria from your garden, residential landscape or residential greenhouse. But you can control and suppress them by taking a preventative approach and using the right combination of products.
Make General Hydroponics Defguard Biofungicide / Bactericide part of your protection plan.
Controls Botrytis & Powdery Mildew

General Hydroponics Defguard Biofungicide / Bactericide is an OMRI-listed biofungicide and bactericide for use in organic gardening that’s effective against a variety of pathogens, particularly botrytis (which causes botrytis blight, or gray mold) and powdery mildew. It also controls anthracnose; bacterial leaf blights, spots and specks; black mold; black spot (on roses); brown spot; fruit rot; and leaf spots.
If you need a biofungicide/bactericide that prevents bacterial and fungal diseases from even establishing themselves on leaves, look no further than General Hydroponics Defguard Biofungicide / Bactericide.



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