General Organics Diamond Black

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Diamond Black by General Organics is a 100% organic liquid humic acid used to increase the absorption rate of nutrients in plants. Diamond Black uses the mineral chelation, which is a natural process that rapidly increase how fast nutrients are absorbed. Diamond Black is suitable for all plant types.

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  • Humic acid supplement
  • Increase absorption rate of nutrients

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For Flowers and Fruit
Diamond Nectar accelerates nutrient absorption into plant roots through a natural process called mineral chelation.

Diamond Nectar is pH buffered
for ideal plant growth: 5.8 to 6.2. Use for all plants in prepared soil/soilless mixes, coco blends & hydroponics.

Chelation Station
Acting as a chelator, Diamond Nectar makes micronutrients more available and increases absorption and transportation of vital plant nutrients.

The addition of Diamond Nectar to both soil-based and soilless gardens is bene cial to crop growth and development.


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