General Organics GO Box


The General Organics GO Box is a complete fertilizer and supplement kit that is filled with organic products. The GO Box promotes healthy blooms, mass vegetative growth, increased nutrient intake, and more to encourage healthy, full yields. The General Organics GO Box contains an organic fertilizer in addition to a vareity of  organic, liquid supplements.

  • Kit contains fertilizers and supplements
  • Product sizes vary (see details)

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BioThrive Grow

All-natural growth promoting fertilizer for vegetative stage.

BioThrive Bloom

All-natural bloom enchancing fertilizer for flowering and fruting stage. 


Plant supplement used to create a dense root system for your plants.


Growth-enhancing additive made from seaweed.


Bloom booster that encourages maximized yields of potent flowers.


Plant supplement or fertilizer used to promote rapid growth, vibrancy, and pest resistance in plants.


Boosts the levels of calcium and magnesium in plants.

Diamond Black

Liquid humic acid used to increase absorption rate of nutrients.

Kit Includes

  • 16 oz. BioThrive Grow
  • 16 oz. BioThrive Bloom
  • 8 oz. BioRoot
  • 8 oz. BioWeed
  • 8 oz. BioBud
  • 8 oz. BioMarine
  • 8 oz. CaMg+
  • 8 oz. Diamond Black

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