Gnat Stix



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Gnat Stix are tool used by growers to eliminate fungus gnat, aphids, plant lice, and other small insect infestations. Gnat Stix are easy to use, and organic grower friendly because they contain no pesticides.

  • 12 trap pack
  • Organic grower friendly
  • Eliminates small insect infestations
  • Bright yellow, sticky, and non-toxic

Only 2 left in stock

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Effective for even the worst infestations of fungus gnats. Use one Gnat Stick for each infested plant and for all other plants in the same room and in nearby rooms. Safe for organic use, contains no pesticides. Each package contains 12 traps.

Use for non-toxic control of fungus gnats, aphids, plant lice and other small insects infesting house plants. The insects are attracted to the bright yellow sticky traps, where they meet a sticky end.

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