GreenFuse Bloom Concentrate




HydroDynamics International’s GreenFuse Bloom Concentrate is a super-strength bloom enhancer. GreenFuse Bloom Concentrate promotes plant growth, and can be used as a foliar spray, or applied to soils, containers, and hydroponic gardens. GreenFuse Bloom Concentrate is made from 100% pure plant extracts.

  • Bloom enhancing supplement
  • Made from 100% plant extracts
  • Promotes plant growth
  • Can be used multiple ways


GreenFuse® Bloom Stimulator®
Super Strength Concentrate

GreenFuse Bloom Stimulator is a highly concentrated plant growth nutrient supplement, blended from pure plant oils and extracts.

Suitable for use in soil gardens, containers, as well as hydroponic gardens, it can also be used as a powerful foliar spray as well. Best when used in conjunction with natural products.

GreenFuse Bloom Stimulator Super Strength Concentrate has a phenomenal dilution rate of 15,000 to 1, an incredibly potent plant blooming source packed into a very small package.

Use it with GreenFuse Root and GreenFuse Growth for all stages of plant growth.



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