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The HTG Supply 2' TEK Light comes complete with two high-output PLL-55W T5 BIAX fluorescent bulbs. Powerful output and versatility make the 2' TEK light perfect for orchids, small gardens, cloning/cuttings, mother plants or supplemental lighting. TEK lights are the preferred lighting systems for many plant growers. They are bright enough to grow ALL types of plants and they offer a cool-running alternative where heat from HID lighting presents a challenge. The TEK light is great for supplementing existing HID systems. Add "cool" 6400K blue spectrum T5 light to gardens using an HPS orange/red spectrum or add "warm" 3000K red spectrum T5 light to supplement an MH blue/white spectrum.  

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HTG Supply 2′ 2-Lamp TEK Light

A favorite of HTG Supply; the Two-Lamp TEK light is pound-for-pound one of the best fluorescent grow lights available. Compact and powerful, the TEK fixture delivers 10,000 lumens of growing power from just (2) 2′ lamps. The powder-coated steel housing is both aesthetic and durable, and the high-quality polished aluminum reflector and solid-state digital ballasts add performance and value. TEK lights are ideal for smaller plants/gardens, clones/cuttings, mother plants, or supplemental lighting. ‘Plug and play’ – no external ballasts needed – includes hanging hardware for quick setup, and 10′ power cord plugs into a standard household grounded outlet. All products are shipped in plain discreet packaging.

Customize & Upgrade: Customize your light with the bulb of your choice. Add spare bulbs, hangers, or a grow light timer, all at a discounted price with your light!

Features & Specifications

  • Electrical: 110 watts, approx. .92 amps @ 120v
  • Multi-volt 120v-240v capable digital electronic ballast
  • 10′ power cord with standard-household grounded plug (NEMA 5-15)
  • Includes (2) specialty high-output horticultural compact T5HO bulbs of your choice
  • Features polished aluminum premium reflector
  • Hanging hardware included
  • Fixture measures 24″ Long x 11.75″ Wide x 3.75″ High
  • 2-year fixture warranty




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