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GrowBright 6 Inch XXL Carbon Filter
GrowBright 6 Inch XXL Carbon Filter
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The XXL can really stand up to larger jobs. Packed with highly porous charcoal, the GrowBright Pure Flow 6 XXL Carbon Filter eliminates all odors as the air is forced by the millions of open fissures in the packed charcoal. Now "Reversable" giving you more out of your filter. Air will move though the point of least resistance. Therefore the vaccum will be more intense on the half of the filter connected to the ducting. With the reversable feature the flange and the bottom cap are removable and switchable. Allowing for a longer, fuller life out of your filter. Covered by a 6 month warranty!


  • Weight: 17.65 lbs
  • Flange: 6"
  • Diameter: 9.5"
  • Length: 37.5"
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