GrowBright Nano 4 Foot 1 Lamp High Output UV-C T5



FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS: • Measures: 46.25″ long x 2.375″ wide x 1.75″ high • Electrical: 54 watts, approximately .45 amps @ 120v • Built-in digital electronic ballast • 6′ power cord with standard grounded plug (NEMA 5-15) • Includes high-output AgroMax UV-C 4 foot T5HO bulb • Premium NanoTech reflector • Hanging and mounting hardware included • 2-year fixture warranty, 1-year bulb warranty  

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The GrowBright Nano 4′ single UV-C T5 fixture is one of the most versatile UV-C lights available for surface sanitation, vehicle sterilization and other small footprint disinfection applications. A slim profile also makes the GrowBright single UV-C T5 light fixture perfect for law enforcement and first responder vehicles. Tailored specifically for to produce a reliable UV-C germicidal and viricidal light (254nm) the light also offer an Ozone free emission that adds a level of safety for all applications.

The GrowBright Nano 4′ single UV-C T5 light fixture includes 6′ power cord with grounded plug, AgroMax UV-C T5 lamp, hanging/mounting hardware, and features daisy-chain/jumper capabilities.

For more information on area and surface disinfection with UVC and additional research that’s being done by. Read the link below:

US National Library of Medicine-Evaluation of an Ultraviolet C (UVC) Light-Emitting Device for Disinfection of High Touch Surfaces in Hospital Critical Areas

AgroMax UV-C lamp UL Verified Evaluation & Test Results:
UL1598 Evaluation ReportUL 1598 Annex L Evaluation Report

UL 1 inch Irradiance Test- AgroMax UV-C UL Verified Performance Test-1

UL 12 inch Irradiance Test- AgroMax UV-C UL Verified Performance Test-2

UL 24 inch Irradiance Test- AgroMax UV-C UL Verified Performance Test-3

Biological Effect of UV Light
While UVB radiation is widely recognized for its harmful effects on human skin and links to skin cancer, each of the UV bands (UVA, UVB and UVC) create different risks for humans.

UVC radiation refers to wavelengths shorter than 280 nm. These wavelengths are entirely absorbed by our atmosphere and no natural UVC radiation reaches the surface of the earth. These wavelengths are available to us through artificial sources.

In instances of prolonged direct exposure to UVC light, temporary eye and skin damage has been exhibited, such as cornea injury (sometimes referred to as “welder’s eye”) although this generally heals after a couple of days. Therefore, safety recommendations with UVC LEDs include protecting skin (in particular open wounds) and, most importantly, the eyes from UVC radiation.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
UV radiation is easily absorbed by clothing, plastic or glass. Once absorbed, UV radiation is no longer active. When working with open UV radiation during maintenance, service or other situations, personal protective equipment covering all exposed areas is recommended. When working around UVC devices, one should:

Use UV goggles and/or full-face shields.
Prescription glasses and normal safety glasses do not protect eyes from UV exposure, so ANSI Z87 rated eyeglasses with wrap around lens to protect the side exposure is recommended. Consult with ANSI Z87 manufacturers for proper UV exposure protection equipment.
Cover any exposed skin using lab coats, nitrile gloves or other lab attire.


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