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The GrowBright Nano 4' T5 UV is the premier fixture for gardeners looking to start supplementing their garden with powerful UVA and UVB light, using the Agromax Pure UV T5 Bulb. Ultraviolet light (UV) naturally occurs in sunlight, its the same spectrum that causes the skin to suntan. With traditional indoor garden lighting, UV is not present in the spectrum those bulbs put out, in fact, many manufacturers use a UV-blocking coating which eliminates all UV output! UV light is best used during the bloom phase of your plants' growth to affect increases in phenolic compounds, flavonoid pigments, resins, and essential oils. Get your GrowBright Nano 4' T5 UV today, an HTG Supply exclusive!  

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Grow Better with UV

The GrowBright Nano 4′ T5 UV is engineered specifically to enhance phenolic compounds, flavonoid pigment, resins, and essential oils in your plants. In more simple terms, your plants will be smellier, more potent, and prettier than plants grown without UV. This is accomplished through the use of UV light, a spectrum naturally occurring in sunlight but not present in traditional indoor grow lamps. UV light causes your plants to produce proteins used for defending against the exposure to UV light, much in the same way the human body suntans and produces melanin to fight against UV in sunlight. Grow your best using the GrowBright Nano 4′ T5 UV!

Using UV in your Garden

  • UV light is best applied to your garden in short, small doses. Excessive exposure can cause damage to your plants, just like a sunburn.
  • Plants progressively become more resistant to UV light, so increase your UV “on” periods as you move later into bloom.
  • A generally accepted standard for using UV is exposing your plants for 10 minutes 3 or 4 times, somewhat evenly spaced, during your 12 hour day cycle. You may increase the time of exposure, up to 15 minutes, as you move later into flowering.
  • Always use personal light protection when running UV lights. Long-sleeve shirts and sunglasses are an easy and accessible way to accomplish this.


• Measures: 46.25″ long x 2.375″ wide x 1.75″ high
• Electrical: 54 watts, approximately .45 amps @ 120v
• Built-in digital electronic ballast
• 6′ power cord with standard grounded plug (NEMA 5-15)
• Jumper-cord/daisy-chain capability up to 12 fixtures
• Includes AgroMax Pure UV T5 Bulb
• Premium NanoTech reflector
• Hanging and mounting hardware included
• 2-year fixture warranty, 1-year bulb warranty


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