GrowXcess Green LED Bulb 5w


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The GrowXcess 5 watt green LED bulbs provides energy-efficient green and long-lasting green light output. It is specifically designed to provide visibility in the indoor garden during the night cycle with specialized green light so maintenance can be performed without worry of interrupting plant photosynthetic processes. Standard medium screw base allows the bulb to be used in standard incandescent sockets.    

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The GroXcess green LED bulb provides excellent, non-intrusive visibility for night-cycle grow room tasks with high-output green LED’s. Standard bulbs emit white light which can disrupt essential nighttime plant processes and impact growth, whereas the GroXcess green LED bulb produces specialized green light that is not absorbed and will not disturb the night cycle. While it may be designed for the indoor garden, the GroXcess LED bulb is bright enough to use for any general purpose and is rated with a 50,000-hour lifespan for years of use.


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