Heavy 16 Prime Concentrate – Half Gallon


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Maximize the flavor of every crop with Prime (0-0-3) by Heavy 16! Heavy Prime is an ultra-diverse liquid formulation designed for use at all times of your crops cycle. Prime is formulated to be the centerpiece of the Heavy 16 program, but its chemistry allows for flexibility throughout cultivation systems and feeding programs, from aeroponics to outdoor crops. Prime will eliminate your need for other additives, which would be considered redundant or incomplete according to the data. Carbohydrate complexes, L-amino acid and B vitamins, kelp and natural phyto-hormone derivatives, high-grade humic acids, an exotic trace element suite, six forms of potassium (including potassium silicate), yeast and plant extracts, ultra-fine low molecular weight fulvic acid, and proprietary organic acids are all represented in Prime's composition. Tastes, colors, flavors, brix levels, and essential oil production will all be heightened.

  • Guaranteed Analysis: 0-0-3
  • Improves overall plant nutrition

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Heavy 16  Prime Concentrate Plant Additive

Heavy Prime does not contain beneficial bacteria or fungus, but will logarithmically multiply microbial inoculants and additives (like our fan-favorite Stump Tea) you may choose to add. Prime is a true microbial feed and is the epitome of Heavy 16’s cascading delivery system, offering beneficial microbes a perfectly balanced and refined replica of what they have thrived upon for millennia in the world’s finest topsoils. Each increasing molecular size of the product feeds different microbes and becomes fodder for each successive genetic variant, as well as another complex layer of nutrition for your plants. This superior complexity that feeds these microbes is the same complexity that eventually expresses the optimum phenotype of your crop.


  • Improves overall plant nutrition
  • Improves soil/nutrient conditions for better crop yield
  • Supports microbial populations
  • Supports conditions for better plant establishment

Guaranteed Analysis:


Derived from potassium sulfate

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