High Yield Airoflow Reflector


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The Airoflow Reflector is an excellent tool for the old-school gardener looking to air-cool their HID bulbs. A tempered glass pane and 95% reflective house your bulb and 6" flanged ventilation ports fit easily with 6' ducting for maximum cooling.

  • Perfect for grow rooms in which CO2 is being used!
  • Fits all wattage HID bulbs.
  • Included 1-year warranty.

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Compatible with all major brands including High Yield Lighting and Sunlight Supply. Full aluminium construction prevents rust, reduces weight, and extends reflector service life. Built in 6″ cooling flanges with a straight through design allows for optimal inline air cooling. The tempered glass lens protects your bulb and seals in heat. Fits all H.I.D. Bulbs (excluding the football-sized Metal Halide BT56 bulbs).

Perfect for grow rooms in which CO2 is being used! Vent air from outisde room, through your AiroFlow reflector, then exhaust outside your grow room. Just cool the air from the reflector and bulb (the bulb is what’s giving off the heat) and leave the CO2 in the grow room for the plants.


  • Dimensions: 20″ long x 24″ wide x 8″ high
  • Built-In 5KV pulse rated socket/cord set – fits High Yield Lighting and SunLight Supply Ballast cord set receptacles.
  • High Strength Chromed Steel Hangers Included
  • Reflector covered by a 60-day manufacturer’s defects warranty.


Weight 43 lbs
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Grow Lights

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